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Racing Program Offerings

This tailored program improves driving skills at any level - club racing or road safety. It includes pre-event planning, on-site coaching, post-event evaluation, and instruction on driving techniques, optimal lines, and brake and throttle use. Guided by Ryan's expertise, clients get superior training to prepare for their track day.

These tailored events enable drivers to experience their cars' full track performance. They are designed to either help drivers safely enjoy their car on the track or to take the first steps towards competitive driving.

A step beyond the beginner's course, this advanced package offers in-depth data analysis by comparing clients’ data with a lap run by Ryan. It also imparts race engineering insights including radio guidance and expert advice on car setup, helping clients to elevate their racing skills.


This service, based on Ryan's extensive racing and coaching experience, provides professional driver training for employees or clients. It offers customized training programs and coaching sessions to improve general driving skills, safety, and performance. Clients or their customers can receive direct training from a top-tier racer.

This remote program boosts driving skills without physical constraints. Stage 1 involves remote coaching via platforms like Discord, including lap live streams and data software analysis. Stage 2 provides hands-on coaching in Melbourne for direct feedback and interaction. Clients simply film and send a lap for instructors' analysis and feedback.

Ryan How Racing offers bespoke corporate drive day events, working closely with clients to understand their goals and develop a suitable event format. These events can help build team cohesion, promote a brand, product, or service.

Contact Us for a Quote

Elevate your driving skills or create an unforgettable event with Ryan How Racing. Our offerings span from personal coaching to corporate training, special events, and Charity Drive Days. We provide a comprehensive, professional, and personalized experience, tailored to suit a wide range of clients' needs.

Our fundraising events, such as tours of iconic racing locations like Mount Panorama and Tassie Tours, offer unique experiences and opportunities to contribute to worthy causes. We pride ourselves in delivering not just high-quality driving instruction but also in creating memorable experiences and positive impacts.

To request a quote, please share details about your needs, including the service type, participant number, preferred date, and any special requests. We're committed to designing an experience that precisely matches your objectives.

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